Nobel Self Storage
A division of Bowman Custom Building Ltd.
In the Parry Sound region,
quality self storage is guaranteed
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Easy access to the site
and to each of the units

24 hours access, 365 days a year

Well lit site located on Highway 69

Wide variety of sizes

Room for boats, cars, snowmobiles or ATV’s

We can be reached 24 hours a day

We offer incentives for prepaid annual storage

Our units are a low cost alternative to building your own storage space at home or at your business
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  • Renters are responsible for insuring their goods.
  • Renters are responsible for putting their own locks on the rented unit. We do not keep keys to storage units. Losing your keys may require you to hire a locksmith.
  • Renters are responsible for supplying their own rodent repellent.
  • Do not store paint, oil, or gasoline or any other toxins or flammables.
  • Do not store items that might break if frozen.
  • Wax moisture sensitive wood furniture before storing it.
  • If you will be sharing space be sure to include both parties names on the rental agreement.
  • Use cloth sheets, rather than plastic, to cover items to prevent moisture condensation.
  • Wrap mattresses in mattress bags or cover them with paper or cloth. Stand mattresses and sofas on end. Walls may develop condensation, so don’t lean certain items against them.
  • Pack larger pictures in special boxes meant for transporting larger pictures. Wrap small pictures and pack them standing on end.
  • Purchase boxes with dividers but also wrap fragile items. Label boxes with fragile contents and stack these on top.
  • Use plastic or other non-rusting hangers.
  • Use wardrobe boxes.
  • Prevent damage by moths by using cedar chips and or mothballs.
  • Stack and store items for accessibility for unanticipated longer storage times.
  • Label all moving boxes with the items and the room they belong in.
  • Use plywood, boards or pallets to keep certain things off the floor.
  • Tape shut furniture and appliance doors.
  • Oil items that can rust, and prevent these items from touching other items.
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